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If you are looking to hire a mold inspector that is independent from a mold remediation company, you have found the best company to deal with; this is the home of Saginaw Mold Removal. If you’ve stumbled across our site looking for a company that can get rid of a problem, please take a moment to read on about our services. At the end of this introduction, we hope you have a better understanding of why air and surface sample collection should be the first and last step you take when dealing with indoor fungal growth.

Indoor Mold Growth

Mold is all around us. It is naturally occurring everywhere outside and its spores get released in the air. The amount and type of mold we are breathing in from outdoor mold spores is very small and harmless. It is only natural that some of these mold spores make their way into our indoor environment. A basic inspection includes 2 air samples one taken from outside the property and another inside near the area of concern. When an indoor mold growth problem exists, harmful species of mold may start to grow on building materials like drywall and negatively impact your indoor air quality.

Mold Exposure Symptoms

Many people choose to hire us after experiencing health complications. Symptoms are usually very similar to allergy issues. Typical conditions include but are not limited to respiratory complications like chest congestion, stuffiness, runny nose, dry mouth, red eyes, sore throat, or things along those lines. Studies are continuing to support claims that being exposed to elevated mold levels can cause these negative health problems. It is not uncommon that a Doctor recommends a patient get our service and we are able to diagnose the problem and get them on their way to a happy healthy home or business. Just like with allergies, some people or more sensitive than others. So don’t be so fast to brush off the complaints of co-workers or family members simply because you are not experiencing the same thing. If you live in the Birch Run MI area call Saginaw Mold Removal at (989) 625-4800

Mold Remediation

A complete inspection will include a top to bottom visual of the property by our certified mold inspector with the use of thermal imaging camera and moisture meter. These tools are crucial for seeing problem areas that the naked eye can not and finding an issue as soon as possible. Mold remediation is a costly problem and early detection is the best way to minimize the potential damage. mold testing will let you know whether or not a problem exists and where it is coming from. If a problem exists, the mold inspector will create a report with a step by step protocol for the removal process that needs to be done in order to remedy the situation.

Contact Saginaw Mold Removal

Thanks you for visiting our website, we hope you have some further insight into the entire process and can see how our service can benefit you. Indoor mold growth is not something to be taken lightly and should be addressed as soon as a concern arises. Everyone employed by SAGINAW MOLD REMOVAL has experience in educating our clients on the mold removal process. We take pride in answering all the questions that have you worried and are happy to take some of the frustration that arises when dealing with something you are unfamiliar with. We offer mold testing in all of the Great Lakes Bay Region and Birch Run MI, call (989)-321 -2686 for further assistance.